Effects and benefits of e-learning.

In the digital age, the keyword “e learning” denotes a revolutionary approach to education that transcends traditional boundaries and provides learners with unparalleled flexibility and accessibility. As technology continues to evolve, e learning is becoming a cornerstone for people looking for a dynamic and personalized learning experience.

The Linkido e learning platform is designed with all of the above in mind. We want to provide the best learning experiences for our customers, which is why our teachers go through a thorough background check before joining Linkido. Thanks to this, we can say that the Linkido learning platform has only experienced specialists and experts in their subject area.


E-learning in Linkido: explore the possibilities.

As an e learning platform, Linkido offers a diverse range of courses covering everything from professional development to academic activities. The keyword “e learning” is a gateway for learners to explore these virtual classrooms, allowing them to learn new skills or improve existing ones from the comfort of their own homes. Improve your skills, advance your career and embrace the future of education through Linkido’s innovative online learning platform.


The future of our education

The benefits of e learning go beyond flexibility to include interactive multimedia content, real-time assessments, and collaboration tools that create an engaging learning environment. Learners can progress at their own pace, tailoring their educational journey to individual preferences and goals. E learning requires more self-management from the learner, so to support the learner it is important to think through the entire teaching process and the learner’s learning experience in e learning.

As the demand for distance learning grows, the keyword “e-learning” is becoming synonymous with adaptability and innovation. Embrace this transformative way of education to unlock a world of knowledge, stay ahead in your chosen field, and elevate your learning journey to new heights. Embracing e learning ensures that education is not limited to a physical classroom, but rather a dynamic and evolving process that adapts to the needs of the modern learner.


E-learning statistics.

  • The e learning industry has grown 900% since 2000, making it the fastest growing market in the education sector.
  • Demand for digital learning opportunities grew rapidly during the Covid-19 pandemic, driving the e-learning industry to grow by over 200%.
  • As more than 30% of students do not have access to e-learning resources, the adoption of e-learning in institutions has created a socio-economic gap.
  • Completion time of e-learning courses is 60% faster than in-person courses.
  • LinkedIn reports that about 90% of companies offer e-learning to their employees, and more companies plan to adopt it.
  • Over 20% of companies reported improved employee productivity with e-learning.

(Source: www.futurefit.co.uk/blog/elearning-statistics)


The future of e-education is promising, characterized by the continuous development of technology. Virtual classrooms, personalized e learning and global connectivity herald an era of accessible, flexible and interactive education.

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