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We at Linkido believe that online private tutors are a force to change the landscape of education.

The role of a private tutor cannot be overemphasized in the pursuit of academic success. Whether the goal is to overcome learning difficulties, excel in specific subjects or prepare for exams, Linkido private tutors offer personal tutoring tailored to individual needs.

Private tutors recommend professional learning experiences, creating an environment where students can ask questions without hesitation. This personalized attention leads to understanding, self-confidence and ultimately better academic success.- The keyword “private tutor” opens up many educational opportunities. By using Linkido qualified and tested, their instructors will be able to identify learning gaps and receive targeted support activities where they may be struggling.

When choosing a private tutor, consider taught factors such as instructor qualifications, reviews, and teaching methodologies to find the perfect fit for your learning needs. In Linkido, you will find only qualified private tutors, specialists or experts in your subject area. They must have at least a bachelor’s degree and pass a thorough background check.

Investing in a private tutor is an investment in academic success. A customized approach combined with schedule flexibility make private tuition a valuable learning experience. benefits of personalized learning and unlock your academic potential with a private tutor.


In today’s rapidly developing world, learning is increasingly moving to the digital world.

Currently, schools are increasingly looking for new solutions that would help to learn and teach more effectively, especially in a rapidly developing world. Thus, different technological possibilities increasingly make the classroom and the school adapt to the changing world.

We have created the Linkido online learning environment to contribute to the smooth transition of the changing educational world to the new era of digital learning. On Linkido, you can find many different private teachers and specialists who are ready to help you in every way, to develop and test your skills in every way.


About e-education in the world.

In the USA, in addition to home education, more than half of the states offer the so-called public-school-at-home program. These are virtual or online schools. Although the students in these schools are home schooled, they are actually public school students who must follow almost all of the rules set for students in the school building. From homeschooling families, the families of these different students cannot decide what or how to teach. Costs related to studying at online schools, including textbooks and other learning materials, are covered by the state budget.

According to statistics, a family spends an average of $500-$600 a year on tuition for a homeschooled student, while the state spends at least $9,000-$10,000 a year on a public school student. The resulting statistics show that homeschooled students have higher scores on standardized tests than those who study in regular schools.


The e-learning revolution.

In summary, we can say that E-learning and online private tutors are reshaping education by providing accessibility and flexibility to learners around the world. In addition to this, various online learning platforms like Linkido create a situation where teachers are underpaid to set their own fees for private tutors.

The growing role of online platforms has changed traditional teaching methods, where private tutors provide personalized and interactive learning experiences.

With the development of technology, e-learning plays a direct central role in shaping the future of education, removing barriers and promoting cost exchange.

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