Services of special educators, speech therapists and psychologists on online learning platforms.

Digitalisation of different areas and the creation of web solutions is becoming more and more commonplace around the world. Similar developments are taking place in education. The modern education landscape is changing rapidly, with online learning platforms playing an increasingly important role in providing support to students. Specialists, special needs teachers, speech and language therapists, psychologists and social workers who have traditionally been indispensable in the school environment are now finding themselves in new contexts, and e-learning platforms are opening up new opportunities to provide these services.

But what are the advantages of providing and using specialists on online learning platforms?


Access and availability:

One of the main advantages that e-learning platforms offer is the wider availability of specialists. Traditionally, location-based constraints or a lack of specialists in the home area can prevent students from getting the help they need. Online learning platforms, on the other hand, put students all over the country in touch with specialists who have the knowledge and skills to help them, guide them or advise parents. Also, the freedom of location of the OSS also helps parents, saving them time and reducing the resource costs of constantly driving their child to and from the service.


flexibility and adaptability:

The services provided by specialists on e-learning platforms allow for greater flexibility and adaptability. Pupils can use the services at a time that suits them best and can adjust the amount of time they participate according to their individual needs and schedule. In addition, the technology of e-learning platforms allows the implementation of different learning methodologies and interactive tools that can enrich and enhance the learning process.



The specialists on e-learning platforms often come from diverse backgrounds and offer a wide range of expertise. Students can choose a specialist who has the skills and experience to match their specific needs. This variety allows students to receive effective help in different areas, be it special educational support, speech therapy help or psychological counselling.



Online learning platforms enable professionals specialists to provide services in a sustainable way. Specialists can provide services to a larger number of students at the same time, minimising wasted resources and time. In addition, digital platforms allow professionals to monitor students’ progress and tailor services to individual needs, thus ensuring sustainable and effective support.

In conclusion, the provision of specialists’ services on e-learning platforms offers a number of important benefits for both students and specialists themselves. Expanding access, flexibility, diversity of expertise, and sustainability are just a few aspects that make support services offered on e-learning platforms an important and necessary component of the educational landscape. The opportunities are significant and can contribute to student development and the quality of education worldwide.


About Linkido:

Linkido is an online learning platform that offers, in addition to courses, personalised services for students of all ages and abilities. Our team of teachers and specialists are committed to creating inclusive learning environments where all students can thrive. Whether you are a special needs teacher, speech therapist, psychologist or subject teacher, we invite you to join Linkido and make a difference in the lives of students around the world. For more information, please visit our website: www.linkido.com 

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